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Personalised Champagne for Corporate Events

8 Min read
Low key corporate event in the evening

Personalised champagne is an unusual feature at corporate events, and one which nods to sophistication. Presenting custom-branded champagne bottles elevates the event's atmosphere and is a powerful tool for brand promotion. In this article, we explore the impact of personalised champagne in corporate settings, offer practical advice for branding these elegant bottles, and highlight the significance of soliciting post-event feedback. See how a personalised bottle of champagne can be your secret weapon to build relationships and ensure future corporate gatherings' ongoing success. Let’s begin.

Branding Your Bubbles

How do you put a logo on a bottle?

Personalising champagne bottles with a company logo transforms an elegant gift into a brand identity statement. The process typically involves advanced printing techniques such as hand etching, laser engraving, or the application of custom labels, all tailored to withstand the storage and chilling conditions unique to champagne. Recent technological enhancements have enabled finer detail and more vibrant colours in bottle customisation, ensuring that the branding reflects the company’s image and resonates with its values in high fidelity.

The key to successful branding is consistency across all event collateral. Each element should harmonise from the invitations to the event décor, and the finishing touches to project a cohesive brand identity. Prestige Drinks, renowned for its expertise in bespoke bottle engraving, utilises state-of-the-art laser technology to etch logos directly onto the bottle. This technique reflects the professionalism and quality that brands want to emit.

Can you gift someone champagne?

Gifting corporate champagne involves considerations, including legal age restrictions and corporate gifting policies. In the UK, champagne can only be gifted to individuals who are at least 18 years old, and it is advisable to ensure that corporate gifting aligns with both company policy and local regulations.

How should you select champagne for a corporate event?

  1. Champagne Selection: Start by selecting the appropriate champagne base—Blanc de Blancs like Ruinart for a light, delicate taste or Rosé like Veuve Clicquot Vintage Rose for a bolder statement.

  2. Logo Design: Create a logo that embodies the company’s brand while ensuring it is visually effective on the unique contours of a champagne bottle.

  3. Choose a Printer or Engraver: Partner with specialists like Prestige Drinks, that can guarantee high-quality print results that reflect well on your brand.

  4. Sustainability Considerations: Opt for eco-friendly champagne packaging to enhance the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility.

By embedding your logo on a champagne bottle and considering these detailed steps, you can elevate your corporate gifting to a new level of sophistication and personalisation.

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Event Planning Tips

When planning a corporate event, selecting the right type and quantity of drinks is crucial for ensuring guest satisfaction and maintaining a budget. Personalised champagne adds a luxurious touch, but it's important to balance quality with quantity to meet the needs of your event without overspending.

Champagne Requirements Based on Event Size

Event Size

Champagne (bottles)

Wine (bottles)

Rosé (bottles)

50 guests




100 guests




150 guests




When determining how much champagne and wine to provide, consider both the event's duration and your guests' profiles. For shorter events or early gatherings, less alcohol may be required compared to evening or full-day events.

  1. Budget Establishment: Begin by defining your overall budget for beverages, which will help guide your choices between different types and brands of champagne and wine.

  2. Event Formality: Based on the formality of the event, decide between champagne and prosecco. Champagne exudes a more luxurious feel appropriate for formal gatherings, while prosecco may be suitable for more casual settings.

  3. Sommelier Consultation: Engage a professional sommelier to provide advice on champagne selection. Their expertise will ensure the champagne fits the event's theme and pairs well with the planned menu. Or you can consult the experts at Prestige Drinks on what we recommend based on the details of your event.

Calculating the right amounts and types of drinks can significantly enhance the event experience, ensuring that all attendees can enjoy a toast with a glass of fine personalised champagne or wine. Adjust these recommendations based on your specific event needs and guest preferences to ensure everyone has a memorable time.

If you’re giving personalised champagne as a gift, consider rounding off the experience by putting it in a luxury champagne hamper.


Feedback and Follow-up

Effective feedback collection and follow-up are pivotal in improving corporate event planning and fostering lasting business relationships. Gathering insightful feedback from attendees helps refine future events and reinforces the perception of your brand as attentive and client-focused.

Gathering meaningful feedback starts during the event itself and continues afterward. Various methods allow for a broad spectrum of insights, which can be invaluable for planning subsequent events.

Methods for Collecting Feedback:

  • Digital Surveys: Send out surveys via email or mobile apps shortly after the event to capture attendees’ impressions while the experience is still fresh.

  • Direct Feedback: Chat to people informally face-to-face during or immediately after the event to get their reactions and detailed comments.

  • Social Media: Monitor social media mentions and engage with attendees’ posts to gather informal yet valuable feedback.

Examples of Effective Follow-up Actions:

  • Personalised Thank-You Emails: Send a custom email thanking attendees for their presence, possibly including a photo or a mention of a memorable moment during the event.

  • Special Offers on Future Purchases: Provide exclusive offers on future products or events as a token of appreciation for their participation.

  • Invitations to Future Events: Extend early invitations to upcoming events, which can enhance loyalty and ongoing engagement with your brand.

Effectively utilising the feedback involves analysing the data to identify trends and areas for improvement. Understanding what worked and what didn’t helps tailor future events to better meet your audience's expectations, thereby increasing satisfaction and engagement.

By integrating these feedback mechanisms and follow-up strategies, companies can significantly improve their corporate events' impact and success, ensuring each builds positively on the last.

Incorporating personalised champagne into corporate events significantly enhances the guest experience and elevates brand visibility. This approach not only delights attendees but also reinforces the company's reputation for excellence and attention to detail.

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