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The Art of Champagne Bottle Engraving

8 Min read
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The art of champagne bottle engraving transforms an elegant drink into a canvas of personal expression, elevating it to more than just a beverage. This graceful craft offers a distinctive way to commemorate life’s special moments, infusing them with a touch of sophistication and sentimentality.

Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or a significant personal milestone, an engraved champagne bottle becomes a treasured keepsake. Beyond just text, the engraving options vary widely, encompassing everything from delicate text to intricate photo-engravings, each method offering a unique way to personalise this classic celebratory drink.

In this article, we hone in on the art of engraving—one of the highest forms of champagne bottle personalisation.

Selecting Your Message

When it comes to champagne bottle engraving for gifts, the message you choose is as significant as the bottle itself. The right words create an enduring memory, encapsulating the spirit of the occasion and the essence of the recipient. Crafting an impactful message is an art—it's about conveying sentiment, not just inscribing words.

Tips for Writing an Impactful Message

  • Clarity and Structure: Your message should be coherent and well-structured. A clear message resonates more and creates a lasting impression.

  • Attention to Spelling and Punctuation: Meticulous attention to spelling and punctuation ensures your message is professional and error-free. It's the small details that elevate the personalisation.

  • Personalisation: The most cherished messages are those that feel personal. Tailor your message to the recipient, reflecting your relationship and the occasion. Perhaps you could use inside humour or reference a secret or personal memory.

  • Balance in Text: Aesthetically, balance is key. Align your message so it is visually harmonious on the bottle, adding to its elegance. Make sure it uses the space well without being too long or short.

Top Tips for Writing an Engraving Message:

  • Create a Clear Structure: Start with a greeting or a title, follow with the main message, and end with a closing remark or a date.

  • Avoid Excessive Punctuation: Use punctuation sparingly to maintain simplicity and readability.

  • Consider Adding a Photograph: Personalize further with a photo engraving for a truly unique gift.

  • Personalise the Message: Tailor your words to the occasion and the recipient for a truly meaningful gift.

Engraving laser

Understanding the Engraving Process

Engraving a champagne bottle is a process that elegantly marries tradition with technology, presenting a range of options to customise your gift. Engraving can be done by hand, but using a digital laser makes the process much more intricate, opening up possibilities like engraving photographs that look just like the real thing.

Prestige Drinks Engraving Options:

  1. Text Engraving: The classic choice, where your message is laser-cut into the bottle, then infilled with a standout silver paint. This option can also include occasion-specific images.

  2. Photo Engraving: A unique service, transforming photographs into detailed engravings filled with silver paint, resulting in a grayscale image on the bottle.

  3. Printed Bottles: A contemporary option where your chosen photograph is printed directly onto the bottle in vibrant, full colour.

Etching Expressions’ Engraving Methods:

  • Mechanical Etching: Involves manually scratching the surface of the glass, offering a more traditional and artisanal approach.

  • Chemical Etching: Uses chemicals to etch the glass, resulting in a distinctive frosted appearance.

  • Laser Etching: A precise method controlled by computer programming, ideal for intricate designs.

  • Sand Carving: Employs high-pressure abrasive materials for etching, allowing for depth control and multiple colour fills.

Comparison of Engraving Techniques






Manual etching with tools like a Dremel.

Artisanal feel, unique.

Limited detail, labour-intensive.


Uses acids for etching.

Frosted look, traditional.

Time-consuming, hazardous waste.


Precision etching with lasers.

Detailed, clean, fast.

Surface-level, limited colors.

Sand Carving

Abrasive material under pressure.

Depth control, colorful.

Requires expertise and more equipment.

There are other ways to personalise champagne bottles, such as creating personalised labels that can be adhered to bottles or adding glitter to bottles. Presenting the bottle as a gift can be made more special if you put thought into the moment as a whole. Here are some ideas.

  • Present the gift in a champagne bottle hamper. We offer hampers that come with snacks that pair well with champagne.

  • Present the champagne ready for drinking. You could even find some personalised champagne flutes. Add some edible glitter for an extra splash of luxury.

  • Hosting a party with the gift as the main event. You could even opt for a champagne-tasting party.

When considering which type of bottle is best for personalisation, choose one with a smooth surface, without ridges that could compromise the design. We recommend Dom Perignon, Laurent Perrier, Lanson, Bollinger, or Billecart-Salmon.

When considering champagne bottle engraving, two common queries often arise: "How long does it take to engrave a bottle?" and "How much does it cost to etch a wine bottle?" The duration of the engraving process can vary based on the complexity of the design and the technology used.

Simple text engravings might be completed relatively quickly, while more intricate designs, including photo-engravings, could take longer. As for the cost, it also depends on several factors, including the detail of the engraving, the technique employed, and any additional features such as colour filling or special finishes. Typically, basic engravings are more affordable, but customised or extensive designs will increase the price. It’s essential to consult with your chosen service provider for precise timelines and quotes to ensure your engraved champagne bottle meets your expectations and budget. More on this below.

Champagne in metal cooler with glasses

Costs and Considerations

When choosing to personalise a champagne bottle with engraving, understanding the factors that influence cost is essential in staying within budget and finding the best deals. The price of engraving champagne bottles can vary significantly depending on several key aspects.

  • Technique Used: The engraving method chosen impacts the cost. Traditional methods like mechanical and chemical etching might be more time-consuming and, therefore, pricier, whereas laser etching could be less costly due to its efficiency.

  • Complexity of the Design: The more intricate the design, the more expensive the engraving. Simple text messages will typically cost less than detailed images or photo engravings.

  • Time Involved: The time required to complete the engraving can also affect the price. Rush orders or more complex designs that take longer to execute may carry a premium.

Factors Affecting Engraving Cost:

  • Engraving Method: Different techniques have varying effects on the cost of a personalised bottle; for instance, sand carving may be pricier due to its labour-intensive nature.

  • Design Complexity: Intricate designs require more time and precision, increasing the cost.

  • Size of Engraving: Larger engravings cover more area and hence, can be more expensive.

  • Colour Additions: Adding colours to the engraving, particularly in sand carving, can increase the cost due to additional materials and labour.

  • The Bottle: Don’t forget about what is being engraved - the cost of your champagne will be included if the engraver provides an end-to-end service. There will always be variations in price from brand to brand, and vintage champagnes are almost always more expensive than non-vintage champagnes.

Occasions and Ideas for Engraved Champagne Bottles

Engraved champagne bottles are a versatile and sophisticated gift option, ideal for commemorating a wide range of special occasions. These personalised gifts add an extra layer of thoughtfulness and luxury, making any celebration more memorable.

Popular occasions for gifting engraved champagne bottles include:

  • Weddings: Celebrate the union of two people with a beautifully engraved champagne bottle, immortalising their special day with a heartfelt message or the date of their wedding.

  • Birthdays: Mark another year of life's journey with a personalised message on a champagne bottle, making the birthday celebrant feel truly valued.

  • Retirements: Honor the conclusion of a professional career with a champagne bottle engraved with a message of appreciation and good wishes for the future.

  • Housewarmings: Welcome someone to their new home with a customised champagne bottle, celebrating new beginnings and creating lasting memories.

  • Baby Showers and Gender Reveals: Welcome a new addition to the family or excite friends and family with a gender reveal and present happy parents-to-be with a unique gift.

  • Corporate Achievements: Let employees or significant partners know their value to the company with a personalised corporate champagne gift.

Creative ideas for personalisation extend beyond text to include images, such as:

  • Photo Engraving: Capture a memorable moment or a special photograph on the bottle, adding a unique visual element to your gift.

  • Themed Engravings: Tailor your engraving to the occasion, whether it's festive icons for Christmas or romantic motifs for an anniversary.

For more inspiration on selecting the perfect champagne gift for these and other special occasions, explore our personalised champagne options.

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