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Personalised Champagne Flutes: A Toast to Love

8 Min read
Champagne being poured into a flute

What better way to round off your personalised champagne gift than with a flute to match? Personalised champagne flutes elevate special occasions with a unique touch that adds individuality and craftsmanship. Elegantly designed flutes enhance the experience of champagne and become treasured souvenirs that mark significant moments. Personalised flutes add a sense of sophistication, no matter the occasion: weddings, anniversaries, or celebratory milestones like baby showers. In this article, we explore the variety of occasions where champagne flutes can be found and provide essential tips on their care and maintenance so they remain a part of celebrations for years to come and help you create lasting memories.

Designing Your Flutes

When personalising champagne flutes, you have a wealth of options, allowing you to express individual tastes and messages. Choices range from elegant monograms and heartfelt messages to intricate embellishments, making the piece as unique as the occasion it celebrates.

Types of Champagne Glasses

  1. Coupe Glass: Known for its broad, shallow bowl, the coupe glass is perfect for theatrical presentations. Its wide opening allows the aromas of champagne to waft freely, making it a glamorous choice reminiscent of vintage style.

  2. Flute Glass: The flute glass features a tall, narrow shape designed to preserve the effervescence and flavours of champagne. Its design minimises the surface area at the top, keeping the bubbles lively and the drink fizzy for longer.

  3. Tulip Glass: The tulip glass boasts a design that narrows at the top to trap aromas better while allowing enough room at the base for the flavours to develop. This shape is ideal for enhancing the aroma and maintaining the fizz, providing a balanced sensory experience.

Consider how your flutes pair with a personalised champagne gift. Use the table below to pair the right type of glass with a certain type of champagne.

Type of Champagne

Recommended Flute Type




Enhances the complexity and aroma of aged wines. Try Louis Roederer Blanc de Blancs Champagne.



Preserves freshness and allows bubbles to flourish.



Focuses the crisp, clean taste and preserves effervescence.

Blanc de Blancs


Allows the delicate, light flavours to expand and develop. We recommend Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Champagne.

Blanc de Noirs


Accommodates the bolder, robust flavours from red grapes. Try Mercier Blanc de Noirs Champagne.



Enhances the sweetness and softens the mouthfeel.

Extra Brut


Maintains the dry, intense, mineral flavours with precision.

Up close champagen flute being filled

Material and Decoration Choices

  • Crystal: Renowned for its clarity and sparkle, perfect for formal events.

  • Soda-lime glass: A durable and cost-effective option suitable for large gatherings.

  • Borosilicate glass: Offers exceptional resistance to thermal shock, ideal for frequent use.


  • Hand-painting: Adds a colourful and personal touch.

  • Etching: Subtly incorporates designs without affecting the clarity of the glass.

  • Engraving: Provides a tactile quality that enhances the luxury of the flute.

Occasions Worth Celebrating

Champagne is synonymous with celebration. The pop of the champagne bottle signals the start of special occasions, and its bubbles make a toast delightful and fun. The tradition of toasting with champagne adds an unmatched layer of prestige and festivity; it’s a central element in commemorations worldwide.

Specific Events Ideal for Personalised Flutes

  1. Weddings and Anniversaries: Personalised champagne flutes add a romantic touch to the toast, with couples' names and wedding dates often engraved to commemorate the day.

  2. Graduations and Job Promotions: Celebrating academic and professional achievements with a customised flute bearing the date or a congratulatory message makes the occasion even more memorable.

  3. Milestone Birthdays and Retirements: Marking significant life milestones with a personalised flute enhances the celebratory atmosphere, creating a keepsake that honours the individual's journey.

Linking Champagne Flute Choices to Event Themes

  • Weddings: Opt for elegant designs with Swarovski crystals or delicate etching that matches the wedding theme.

  • Anniversaries or Baby Showers: Choose flutes with gold or silver accents that symbolise enduring love.

  • Graduations: Modern designs with vibrant colours or school emblems showcase youthful energy and achievement.

  • Job Promotions: Sleek, sophisticated flutes reflect professional success.

  • Retirements: Classic styles with deeper etching convey respect and recognition for years of service.

Are champagne bottles dated?

Champagne bottles often feature a vintage year, especially in cases of exceptional harvests, which enthusiasts collect and treasure as luxury items. Personalised flutes complement these prized bottles beautifully, embellishing the experience of savouring a fine vintage. Engraving a date or a special message on the flutes can echo the vintage year on the champagne, creating a harmonious connection between the drink and the drinkware. This practice not only elevates the act of drinking champagne but also turns the flutes into cherished collectables parallel to the bottles themselves.

Pairing personalised champagne flutes with a luxury champagne gift hamper uplifts any celebratory event. Personalising these elements, especially with high-quality engraving services offered by Prestige Drinks, adds a unique touch that resonates deeply with guests. Their meticulous engraving ensures that every detail is captured with elegance and durability, complementing the prestige of champagnes like Billecart-Salmon, Bollinger, Dom Pérignon, Lanson, and Laurent-Perrier. Including a personalised bottle in a luxury champagne hamper makes the celebration exceptionally special and rounds off the gift-giving experience.

Browse our various options for luxury champagne hampers and consider enhancing your gift with personalised corporate gifts that showcase superior champagnes like Dom Pérignon, Bollinger, and Laurent-Perrier.


Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of personalised champagne flutes not only preserve their beauty and functionality but also extend their lifespan, allowing them to be part of celebrations for years to come. Following these guidelines ensures that these special items maintain their sparkle and significance.

Basic Care Instructions

  • Cleaning: Hand wash your flutes with mild soap and warm water to preserve their clarity and finish. Avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes that can scratch the glass.

  • Drying: Allow flutes to air dry or use a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent water spots and streaks.

  • Handling: Handle personalised flutes with care, especially when they feature delicate designs or embellishments. Hold by the stem to avoid fingerprints on the bowl.

Proper Storage Methods

  • Storage Environment: Store your flutes upright in a cabinet or a dedicated storage box that provides stability and prevents them from tipping over.

  • Spacing: Ensure there is enough space between each flute to prevent clinking and potential chipping.

  • Protection: Use soft liners or individual slots in storage boxes to keep your flutes dust-free and protected from environmental factors.

Table: Comparison of Maintenance Needs by Material


Cleaning Instructions

Storage Recommendations

Special Considerations


Gentle hand washing; avoid hot water

Upright in a padded box; avoid stacking

Fragile; prone to chipping


Mild soap and lukewarm water

Separated and cushioned; moderate humidity

Durable but not impervious to strong impacts


Dishwasher safe on gentle cycle

Can be stacked with adequate padding

Highly resistant to thermal shock

Longevity and Preservation Tips

  • Avoid Extremes: Keep flutes away from extreme temperatures and sunlight, which can stress the glass and lead to breakage.

  • Regular Checks: Inspect your flutes regularly for signs of damage, such as chips or cracks, which can compromise their structure.

  • Proper Use: To minimise wear and tear, reserve your personalised champagne flutes for special occasions.

Ready to elevate your next special occasion? Consider a bespoke champagne bottle to complement your flutes. Visit Prestige Drinks to explore our exquisite range and tailor your perfect celebratory toast.

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