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Champagne for Your Wedding: Personalised and Perfect

8 Min read
People toast at a wedding

Picking the perfect champagne for your wedding goes well beyond the toast, infusing every sip with luxury and sophistication emblematic of the celebration itself. The effervescent charm of that first sip of champagne as you toast your new marriage plays a crucial role in the festivities, embodying both celebration and refinement. At Prestige Drinks, we take this elegance to the next level with our bespoke personalisation services. Personalising your champagne bottles adds a unique touch to your wedding, making it as unforgettable as the union it celebrates. Here’s what we have to say about getting personalisation for your wedding just right.

Choosing Your Champagne

What champagne is used for weddings?

Champagne is a symbol of celebration, making it a staple for wedding toasts and festivities which often means there will be food, too. Giving some thought to these flavour pairings can enhance any champagne-tasting experience. Common types selected for weddings include Brut, Rosé, and Vintage champagne, each offering unique flavours suited to various aspects of the celebration. Brut champagne, with its dry taste, complements light, savoury appetisers, making it ideal for reception toasts. Rosé, known for its subtle red berry flavours, pairs beautifully with wedding entrees, from seafood to poultry. Vintage champagnes, which are produced from grapes harvested in a single year, bring an exclusive and luxurious touch to the table, perfect for making those key wedding moments feel even more special.

How to Choose Champagne

  • Sweetness Level: The sweetness of the champagne should complement the overall menu, with Brut for savoury dishes and Demi-Sec for sweeter or dessert courses.

  • Pairing with Food: Consider the wedding menu; lighter champagnes like Blanc de Blancs pair well with seafood, while fuller-bodied options like Vintage can stand up to hearty entrees.

  • Guest Preferences: Know your audience. Are your guests likely to prefer a sweeter, more approachable drink, or are they connoisseurs who would appreciate the complexity of a Vintage?

  • Tasting Sessions: It's crucial to taste the champagnes beforehand to ensure their flavour profiles match your expectations and complement your menu effectively.

Here’s a table to get you started on choosing the perfect wedding champagne.


Flavour Profile

Price Range

Tradition and Occasion


Fresh and elegant, notes of pear, fresh bread, and floral aromas


Perfect for intimate and elegant celebrations


Full-bodied and rich, hints of apple, pear, and a touch of spice


Ideal for grand and luxurious weddings

Dom Pérignon

Complex and refined, with notes of almond, apricot, and brioche


Best for opulent and once-in-a-lifetime events


Crisp and vibrant, with citrus, white flowers, and a hint of honey


Great for casual yet stylish weddings


Delicate and fresh, with citrus, white fruits, and floral hints

Moderate to High

Versatile for both formal and relaxed weddings

You could even consider offering champagne cocktails, which would make your champagne go further and offer more options for those who enjoy different flavours.

Champagne Selection Guide

  1. Determine Guest CountEstimate the number of guests whots will attend to calculate the total number of bottles needed.

  2. Menu-Based Selection: Choose Blanc de Blancs for lighter fare, such as salads and seafood, or a richer Demi-Sec to accompany desserts like wedding cake.

  3. Bottle Sizes: Consider different sizes for different needs—standard bottles for the toast, Magnums or Jeroboams for larger groups during the meal, ensuring everyone gets a glass without delay.

Check this table to get an idea of how much champagne is in each different-sized bottle

Bottle Size Name

Volume (Litres)

Number of Servings (5 oz each)




Half Bottle



Standard Bottle






Jeroboam (Sparkling)



Rehoboam (Sparkling)


















Bollinger Wedding

Customising for Your Theme

Personalising your wedding reception extends beyond aesthetics to creating an atmosphere that reflects your story and style. Prestige Drinks enhances this personal touch with bespoke champagne options tailored to your wedding theme. Making memories with personalised champagne is a touching experience that guests will love, and the happy couple will cherish an engraved souvenir bottle.

When ordering a customised champagne bottle for your wedding, consider the theme and colour palette to ensure a cohesive look. Choose a label design that complements your wedding invitations or décor. Opt for engraving or printing that matches your wedding's font style and includes meaningful details like your names and wedding date. Select a champagne variety that suits your menu and guests' preferences. Consider the bottle size based on the number of guests and the type of celebration. Finally, think about presentation—personalised ribbons or packaging in your wedding theme colours can enhance the bottle's visual appeal and tie everything together beautifully.

Ideas for Personalising Your Wedding Reception

  • Monograms: Incorporate your initials into everything from the invitations to the table settings, creating a signature look throughout your venue.

  • Customised Décor Elements: From colour-themed linens to customised lighting that matches your wedding palette, these elements set the mood and make the venue uniquely yours.

  • Customised Champagne Labels: Offer guests a personalised bottle of champagne featuring labels that commemorate the wedding date or include a favourite quote or image.

  • Engraved Bottles: For a touch of sophistication, choose bottles engraved with your wedding date or initials, a keepsake that guests can cherish long after the celebration ends. What about some engraved champagne flutes that your wedding party can toast with and take home as party favours?

What champagne is most expensive at a wedding?

Luxury champagne brands, such as those from Dom Perignon, often carry a higher price tag but are chosen for their prestigious reputation and exceptional quality. These exclusive champagnes lend an air of luxury and sophistication to any wedding, making them a popular choice for couples looking to impress and celebrate in grand style. The impact of serving a glass of high-end champagne extends beyond taste—it enhances the overall prestige of the event, elevating it to a memorable celebration of love.

Champagne Types and Customisation Ideas


Customisation Idea

Typical Cost

Creative Suggestions


Custom labels, special edition bottles


Add a photo from your engagement or a monogram


Engraving, unique bottle shapes


Use rose gold foil accents, or include a love quote


Limited releases, luxury packaging


Create a keepsake box, or include a handwritten note

Blanc de Blancs

Personalised wax seals, artistic labels


Commission a custom illustration or artwork for the label


Themed decorations, matching gift sets


Pair with custom champagne flutes or a dessert pairing

Prestige Cuvée

Hand-painted bottles, bespoke gift hampers


Incorporate gemstones or crystals, luxury hampers

Additional Suggestions:

  • Event Integration: Match the bottle's customisation with wedding themes like rustic, vintage, modern, or beach.

  • Interactive Elements: QR codes on labels linking to a video message or wedding website.

  • Guest Participation: Small customised bottles as wedding favours with guests' names.

  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly packaging options for a green wedding theme.

  • Seasonal Themes: Customise bottles to reflect the season of the wedding, such as winter snowflakes or autumn leaves.

Dom per blog

Memorable Touches for Guests

Creating a wedding that resonates with personality and warmth involves integrating unique, memorable touches that reflect the couple's journey and milestone. Prestige Drinks provides exceptional options to make each moment feel specially curated for your guests.

Adding Personal Touches to Wedding Days

  1. Personalised Place Cards: Use place cards with guest photos to guide guests to their seats and stir pleasant memories and conversations.

  2. Signature Drinks: Craft signature drinks named after memorable moments in your relationship. These can be served in personalised champagne flutes, adding a layer of personal touch.

  3. Monogrammed Napkins or Coasters: Provide monogrammed napkins or coasters as keepsakes. They can be customised with your wedding date and initials, making every detail of your wedding day bespoke.

Innovative Ideas for Lasting Memories

  • Midnight Toasts: Organise a midnight toast with champagne to mark the beginning of your new journey together and create a lasting memory with a personalised bottle reminiscent of the toast. A personalised speech or a special vintage can make this even more special.

  • Unique Wedding Favors: Gift your guests mini bottles of champagne or custom flutes as wedding favours. These can include a personalised message or a date, serving as a lasting reminder of the celebration.

  • Champagne as Part of the Ceremony: Incorporate champagne in the wedding ceremony itself, perhaps by mixing two different champagnes into a single glass to symbolise the union, using beautifully engraved bottles from Prestige Drinks.

Choosing and customising the right champagne for your wedding is about more than taste—it's about enhancing the celebration with a touch of personal flair and luxury. Each bespoke element, from engraved bottles to custom labels, deepens the connection and leaves lasting memories for both you and your guests. At Prestige Drinks, we understand the significance of these moments. Explore our range and let us help you celebrate your special day in style.

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