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Selecting the Perfect Personalised Champagne Gift

8 Min read
Close up of champagne being poured

What’s better than popping a bottle of champagne to toast a special person or commemorate a special occasion? How about a bottle with a personal, significant message, picture, or date immortalised in the glass, a keepsake that will last long after enjoying the delicious fizz and, well after the party becomes a happy memory?

Personalised champagne is a gift that takes a step further than what your loved one, colleague, or special person has ever received before. It’s an unforgettable gesture. With a gesture of this significance, you want to ensure you’re getting everything just right to perfect the moment and the memory. Read our guide here to help you select the perfect bottle and refine every aspect of your personalised champagne gift-giving experience.

Understanding Preferences

As with any gift, the better your understanding of what the person likes, the better your gift will be. As a starting point, you’re likely on this page because you know the recipient is a fan of champagne. If you’re unsure, consider whether wine is a better gift than champagne, or think about spirits or liqueurs they like.

The Significance of the Occasion

Generally, people choose champagne because of its ceremonial significance in celebrating a milestone or special occasion. In the table below, see different occasions and guidance on how to choose the perfect bottle.


Recommended Type



Vintage champagne for a symbolic, cherished, memorable moment.

Select a prestigious brand that matches the importance of the day.

New Year’s Eve

Non-vintage brut, better for larger gatherings.

Seek out well-known brands that have consistent and generally liked flavours.


A demi-sec may pair well we cake and sweet treats.

Choose a bottle from the year of birth if possible, or focus on the birthday person’s preference.


Crémant or other sparkling wines which may suit younger palates.

Balance budget and quality.

Corporate Milestone

A cuvée for an impressive statement.

Opt for a renowned or showy brand that demonstrated success and achievement.

Engagement or Anniversary

Rosé Champagne for a romantic touch.

Choose a bottle from the year of the marriage or the year of meeting.

Choosing a Type of Champagne

Choose your type of champagne carefully to meet the tastes of the recipient, match relevance with any specifics of the celebration, and stay within your budget for the gift. Here’s a breakdown of different types of champagne and defining elements to help you choose.

Type of Champagne

Taste Profile

Ideal Occasions and Tasters


Crisp and fresh with citrus notes. Bollinger Special Cuvée is a brut.

General celebrations and aperitif

Extra Brut

Sharper and more mineral. Bollinger R.D. is an extra brut

Wine connoisseurs and special occasions

Brut Nature

The purest expression of the champagne. Billecart-Salmon Brut Nature is a typical example.

Connoisseurs and low-sugar diets

Extra Dry

Softer and fruitier

Aperitifs and casual events


Noticeably sweet and fruity

People new to champagne


Rich and sweet. Best with desserts

Desserts and sweet pairings


Lusciously sweet and dessert-like

Very special occasions, and dessert wine


Fruity, fresh and with red berry notes

Romantic occasions and with meals

Blanc de Noirs

Rich and full-bodied

Special occasions and food pairings

Wondering ‘how much should I spend on a Champagne gift?’ It’s really up to you. Think about the cost of the actual bottle itself—is this a champagne connoisseur, or is the symbolism of the gift more important than anything else? The cost of personalising the bottle usually goes on top of this. You might also be thinking is it better to gift wine or champagne? Wine is a more cost-effective option than champagne, but does not come with the ceremonial celebratory feeling that champagne does. To preserve this feeling on a budget, you might think about opting for prosecco instead.

Moet in glasses

The Impact of a Personalised Message

The delight bestowed on the occasion by a bottle with a unique personalised message is unmatched. In addition to the classy, luxury gift, the receiver also has a message expressing your appreciation, admiration, love, or remembrance. A unique personal message is a touching way to convey your thoughts and feelings exactly in a way the recipient can keep forever.

The opportunities are almost limitless for what can be put on a bottle when it comes to personal messages. Would you go for a…

  • Significant date or time

  • Coordinates to an important location

  • Lyrics to a song or lines from a poem

  • A personal message

  • A saying or statement

  • Names

You might even want to think of more unusual symbolism, such as:

  • Braille

  • Morse code

  • Notes of music

  • Runes

A ‘secret’ message with significance to the person you’re gifting the bottle to could make the present more special and intimate. Ultimately, it’s down to you and the recipient and the message you want to convey—both literally and figuratively.

Champagne Bottle Personalisation Options

So, what’s available to you in terms of bottle personalisation? There are several different ways bottles are customised. Primarily, bottles can be engraved or printed directly. It’s also possible to create personalised champagne labels, but we focus on the former two methods because those produce the best results.

Image Printing

This method uses a digital printer to transfer an image directly onto the bottle without the need for a label. The image can be printed in full colour and offers a more striking effect than a label. The colours are more vibrant, the lines more detailed, and the images don’t have to be limited by the size and shape of the label.

If you want background elements to be omitted, we can do that with image printing. For example, if you want only the image of a person’s head and body but without background elements, we can translate this onto the bottle, creating a more dynamic design.


Engraving can be done by hand, but modern technology means we can use a digitally controlled laser and stencils to recreate virtually anything: messages in numerous fonts, using special characters and in different sizes, but also patterns, line art, and even photo-realistic images.

Browse personalised champagne bottles from Prestige Drinks. We offer a premium personalisation service to produce virtually any visual customisation you can think of, from design to delivery.

Jeshoots com TWRCH Ga Kr4 unsplash

Presentation Ideas

How to Package Your Bottle

When presenting a personalised champagne bottle, the packaging is almost as crucial as the bottle itself. You should consider elegant packaging options that enhance the gift's appearance and give a sense of occasion when it's handed over. A high-quality, decorative box or a wooden case can make a significant impact, offering both protection and prestige. Consider using materials like velvet or satin for the interior lining to cradle the bottle. Additionally, incorporate elements that match the theme of the celebration, such as ribbons and seals that echo the colours of a wedding, anniversary, or corporate branding.

Browse champagne hampers from our range. We offer beautifully presented hampers which pair your chosen, personalisded champagne with extra gifts that enhance the experience.

Extras to Enhance the Gift

To make your champagne gift even more special, consider adding thoughtful extras that complement the main present. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Champagne flutes: A pair of fine crystal champagne glasses can elevate the tasting experience. You could even include some edible glitter.

  • Chocolates or gourmet treats: These pair well with champagne and cater to the celebratory mood.

  • A champagne stopper: To preserve the fizz and ensure the champagne can be enjoyed at its best.

  • A personalised card or note: Add a handwritten message to express heartfelt congratulations or good wishes.

Wrap all of this up by presenting the bottle and extras in a gorgeous champagne hamper to make a big impact when you reveal it.

Planning The Moment

The presentation of your personalised champagne gift should be as memorable as the gift itself. Plan the moment to ensure it feels special and personalised:

  • Choose the right setting: Whether it's a quiet, intimate gathering or a large celebratory event, make sure the setting fits the occasion.

  • Surprise element: Consider a surprise presentation to make the moment even more memorable.

  • Speech or toast: Prepare a few words to express why the recipient is being honoured with this special gift, highlighting the personalised aspects of the champagne bottle.

Browse our complete range of champagnes and take a look at our personalised champagne options to start on your unforgettable gift.

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