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Eco-Friendly Personalised Champagne Gifts

8 Min read
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Eco-friendly gifting involves choosing products responsibly and aiming to minimise waste. Personalised gifts can be challenging because they are often difficult to rehome or repurpose if the intended recipient doesn't want to keep them. If you're looking for an eco-friendly option, consumable personalised gifts are an excellent alternative; once enjoyed, they are gone.

Our eco-friendly personalised champagne gifts make sophisticated and memorable presents that won't become landfill waste once used up. You can tailor your gift perfectly to your recipient’s tastes by selecting a brand and champagne style they love and turn it into a recyclable keepsake with customisable text and photo-engravings, full-colour photo prints, and more.

Sustainable Choices

Avoid Single-Use Packaging

The UK is estimated to have produced over 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste in 2021. Plastic waste can persist for centuries in a landfill, occupying valuable space, releasing toxic substances into the surrounding environment, and endangering local wildlife.

At Prestige Drinks, we are committed to reducing our use of single-use plastics as much as possible. To achieve this, we opt for recyclable materials for packaging and shipping, supporting a closed-loop system where resources can be recovered and used again. We use secure and 100% recyclable packaging to make sure your gift arrives safely at its destination. Discover more information about our sustainable packaging on our delivery page.

In addition to our postal packaging being fully recyclable, all of our champagne options are bottled in glass, an infinitely recyclable material with no loss of quality during the recycling process.

Can you recycle personalised champagne bottles?

Yes, you can recycle your personalised champagne bottles. Your glass bottle can usually be recycled through your household recycling collection service, but it's always best to double-check your local area's recycling guidelines if you’re unsure.

Support Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

An eco-friendly gift starts with a responsible manufacturing process. Our facilities are completely carbon neutral, and we make every effort to minimise emissions and conserve resources. Our laser engraving machines, lighting, and computers are powered exclusively by electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar. We even use rainwater in our toilets to preserve precious drinking water.

Prosecco Wedding

Choose Quality Over Quantity

We manufacture our personalised bottles with high-quality materials resistant to wear and tear. Unlike stickers or labels that can peel off over time, we print and engrave directly onto the glass bottle, ensuring that the design remains for as long as possible. This way, the person who receives your gift can choose whether to recycle their bottle or save it as a keepsake.

Keep Shipping Distances at a Minimum

Transporting goods over long distances, by air, sea, or land, requires a significant amount of fuel and releases greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change and air pollution. By reducing the travel time of your personalised champagne, you can minimise its environmental impact.

We are a UK-based company. When you order from us to an address within the British Isles, you’ll know that your gift has travelled fewer miles, resulting in lower emissions associated with the delivery of your champagne compared to products ordered from overseas.

Eco-Friendly Customisation Tips

Although consumable personalised gifts are often already a greener choice than other customisable products on the market, there are additional steps that you can take to make your gift even more eco-friendly. Factors such as the brand you purchase from, the packaging materials used, the travel time, and more influence the sustainability of your gift.

How can I make my champagne gift eco-friendly?

1. Purchase champagne gifts made using carbon-neutral, eco-friendly manufacturing methods.

2. Reduce the travel time of your champagne by purchasing from UK-based businesses.

3. Purchase champagnes from B Corp-certified companies.

4. Choose a meaningful design that can be displayed for years.

5. Present your gift in reusable packaging like a decorative basket or wooden box instead of single-use gift wrap.

6. Recycle the postal packaging used to deliver your champagne gift.

Champagne from B Corp Companies

B Corporations are businesses that have been independently recognised for meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. When you buy champagne from a certified B Corp, you can trust that the company upholds sustainable and ethical business practices, from sourcing ingredients to production methods.

We are proud to offer eco-friendly personalised champagne gifts from B Corp-certified companies. You can search for specific brands in our store using our “brand” filter tool. Some of the companies we offer champagne from that are B Corp certified include:

Bollinger Rose Aniverssary

Choose a Meaningful Design

Another way to make your gift eco-friendlier is to opt for something your recipient can treasure for a long time. To create a bottle that is more likely to be kept as a keepsake or saved for a special date, try to choose a unique and personal design that isn’t bound to a specific day. A sentimental photograph on a bottle, such as a wedding picture, would have lasting meaning for your recipient, while birthday messages are more likely to be time-sensitive.

When personalising your champagne bottle for a recipient you know personally, consider one of the following designs:

  • The recipient’s name

  • Wedding photos

  • Family photographs

  • Pet portraits

  • The recipient’s birth year or another milestone date

If you’re creating a gift for a colleague, client, or other business acquaintance, here are a few ideas to try:

  • The recipient’s name

  • Consider the recipient carefully and add a message that they would appreciate (e.g., recognition of their accomplishments at work).

  • A subtle company logo

  • Milestone dates (for example, when they first started working with you).

If you’d like to create a time-sensitive design, don’t worry—your glass bottle can always be recycled once used. That is one of the advantages of buying consumable gifts packaged in circular materials like glass.

Focus on Reusability

Once empty, a personalised champagne bottle can be repurposed in many creative ways - for example, as a vase or a container for watering plants. To create a gift that is even more reusable and long-lasting, you could pair your bottle with a personalised champagne flute. Your recipient will then be able to reuse their present on special occasions in the future.

Pick Champagne Your Recipient Will Love

When gifting champagne, it's important to consider the recipient's taste preferences. This way, they are more likely to enjoy and appreciate it fully, reducing waste and unnecessary consumption. If you're unsure about their favourite brand but know what flavours they like, you can use our taste profile guide to help you pick the perfect champagne.

Green Packaging Ideas

The end-of-life cycle for both your personalised bottle and its packaging is an important sustainability consideration. Traditional packaging and gift wrap will generally become landfill waste as soon as it is used. Fortunately, there are green alternatives to choose from:

Reusable packaging: The production of packaging requires a significant amount of raw or processed materials. As the number of packages used increases, so does the consumption of resources. Reusable packaging, however, can be repurposed multiple times, making it a greener alternative to resource-heavy single-use options.

Recyclable packaging: Choosing products made from recyclable materials reduces landfill waste and supports circular, eco-friendly business models. Materials like glass, cardboard, and certain plastics (like PETs, for example) can be disposed of in many recycling programs.

Compostable packaging: Packaging made from compostable materials can be disposed of in an industrial composting facility or home compost once used, reducing landfill waste.

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Reusable and Recyclable Packaging Ideas:

Reusable gift boxes and hampers are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use packaging.

Type of Packaging

Sustainability Details

Glass bottles

Glass can be melted, reshaped, and repurposed endlessly without losing quality. Our champagne options are bottled in glass, making them easy to dispose of responsibly once used.

100% Recyclable packaging

Many mailing bags and loose fillers are made with non-recyclable materials, resulting in unnecessary waste that goes to landfills and pollutes the environment once the product arrives at its destination.

Opting for products mailed in recyclable packaging like cardboard is a far greener choice. We’re proud to ship our products using 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and airbags.

Wooden boxes

Most conventional gift wrap comes in the form of plastic or paper, which is discarded immediately after use. We offer an alternative to single-use packaging with high-quality, durable wooden boxes.

You can personalise your box with custom text or an image to make the experience of opening your gift even more special. Once the champagne has been taken out, the box can be repurposed for storing small items like jewellery or watches.

Hamper Baskets

Hamper baskets are another eco-friendly alternative to single use wrapping paper or cellophane. Our hamper baskets are crafted from sturdy wicker and come with durable leather straps, making them suitable for reuse.

How much does an eco-friendly champagne gift cost?

Our eco-friendly champagne gifts are available at a range of prices to suit many budgets. You can purchase a bottle with a personalised text or stencil engraving for as little as £43.15 with our Gruet Brut NV champagne - an excellent option if you’re looking to give an eco-friendly and memorable gift at an affordable price.

We also offer plain bottles of champagne for as little as £26.65. These bottles are perfect for personalising at home. Although any changes you make likely won’t last as long as professional engravings, they can still help your champagne gift to look and feel special. For example, you could add your own ribbons, gift tags, or create a custom label.

If you want to mark the occasion with a higher end option, we have many luxury champagnes to choose from that are worth the investment. We offer champagnes from highly respected champagnes houses such as The House of Louis Roederer, for example, which are produced using only the finest, fully matured grapes before the champagnes is carefully aged to allow rich, complex flavours to develop.

By making informed decisions when choosing an eco-friendly personalised champagne gift, you can reduce your environmental footprint and inspire others to do the same. There are many ways to make more sustainable choices, from purchasing B Corp-certified champagnes and shopping from carbon-neutral businesses to choosing products packaged in recyclable or reusable products.

Would you like further information about our eco-friendly options? We're here to help! Visit our contact page and fill out the form with your comments or questions, and our team will get in touch.

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