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Curado Tequila

Curado is a completely different take on tequila to other brands and products. Inspired by mixologists crafting their own flavours through infusion and maceration, Curado have created three different styles of tequila by taking a Blanco tequila and infusing it with baked Agave. The three different styles are based upon using three different agave variations from three separate regions of Mexico, each flavour carrying characteristics of that particular region. The agave used are Blue Weber from Arandas region, Espadín from Oaxaca region and the Cupreata from Michoacán region. The infusions of cooked agave with the blanco tequila creates subtle flavours and naturally colours the tequila with the final product resembling the appearance of a reposado tequila. The products are named after the variation of Agave, they are Curado Cupreata, Curado Espadin and Curado Blue Agave.

Curado bottles have been designed by Mexican artist Pedro Linares and his designs are mythical oneiric world flying animals, each design represents a different animal from the three regions that the three different agave plants originate.

Prestige Drinks are the leading supplier of Curado tequila gifts and personalised tequila. Personalised Curado is available with upto 4 lines of engraved text, and the option occasion stencil option is available. The personalised bottles are Personalised Curado Cupreata, Personalised Curado Espadin and Personalised Curado Blue Agave.

Photo engraved Curado tequila is available where uploading your photograph or image and we convert it to a laser map of alternating shapes and sizes that are engraved at various depths to create a grey scale replica of your image. Photo engraving is available on Photo Engraved Curado Cupreata, Photo Engraved Curado Espadin and Photo Engraved Curado Blue Agave.

Unique to Prestige Drinks we offer a service that directly prints your picture directly onto the glass in full colour and highest details. This personalisation is available as Picture Personalised Curado Cupreata, Picture Personalised Curado Espadin and Picture Personalised Curado Blue Agave.

All Curado tequila are available with next day delivery options.

Prestige Drinks offer a vast range of Tequila options including other brands such as Patron, 1800 tequila, Corralejo, Gran Centenario, G4 tequila, KAH, Terralta and Maestro Dobel.


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