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Navigating the World of Whisky Gifts: Personalised Edition

8 Min read
Whisky in a glass on a stone wall

If you’re searching for the ideal gift that needs to bring a touch of class, elegance, luxury, or prestige to the occasion, nothing says it quite like a bottle of whisky, exquisitely etched with a personalised design that expresses your love, admiration, or appreciation.

Many people see personalised whisky as an extra special, timeless gift for when you want to make a bigger, more significant gesture. You might be here because you want a personalised gift and know the giftee enjoys whisky. If that’s the case, read on to find out the options available to you and decide how to personalise your gift to perfection.

Unforgettable Whisky Gift Ideas

Putting the time and care into a personalised whisky gift, you want to ensure an unforgettable moment for the special person in question. The personalised whisky aesthetic has been adopted into make styles, trends, and ideas, so looking for something that feels relevant and unique to your relationship with the person is a good idea.

Do you want to use specific colours, incorporate additional gifts, or present the whisky in certain packaging that speaks to the recipient? It’s in these little details that the true value and dedication of the gift speak volumes.

Whisky Hampers

There’s nothing quite like receiving a hamper filled with your favourite delights all presented beautifully, ready for you to dive in and enjoy them. We love whisky gift hampers because their rustic, traditional look often compliments the style of a whisky gift.

When putting together a whisky gift hamper, think about what accessories would work best with your choice of whisky and what the recipient would get the most excited about. If they have a sweet tooth or enjoy flavour pairings with their drink, a selection of complementary snacks look good, taste lovely, and complete the whisky-drinking experience.

Our Glenmorangie 18-Year-Old Whisky Luxury Treat Hamper is one of many hampers we offer that includes our own expert choice of snacks, including:

  • Lindt Excellence 100g bar

  • Forest Feast Mixed Nuts 200g

  • Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crackers

  • Odysea Spicy Ajvar 250g

  • 2 x Fever Tree Ginger Ale 150ml

  • 2 x Fever Tree Tonic Water 150ml

How about if the gift-receiver is more of a cocktail connoisseur than a neat whisky drinker? A hamper with everything needed to create a luxury cocktail will bring them instant fun. Here’s a good example of a cocktail whisky hamper, our Woodford Reserve Whisky Luxury Cocktail Hamper, which comes with everything to make a stunning cocktail, including tools, mixers, and snacks.

  • Boston stainless steel shaker

  • Cocktail strainer

  • Forest Feast Mixed Nuts 200g

  • Odysea Olives

  • 2 x Fever Tree Ginger Ale 150ml

  • 2 x Fever Tree Tonic Water 150ml

You can easily create your own whisky hamper and include as many special extras as you wish. Read on to find out more about this below, and more guidance on the best extras to pair with whisky.

Presenting Your Gift

A big part of gifting etiquette is in the presentation of the gift. Not how it looks but how you do it. This doesn’t always have to be a ceremonial process, but taking care to create a special moment makes the whole experience much more memorable. By building an atmosphere for the gift-giving, you’re helping the recipient to associate the feelings of the moment with the gift, to create a cherished memory, too.

So, how do you build a memorable moment? It all depends on the occasion. Are you celebrating a milestone with personalised whisky? Is it a moment you’ve been looking forward to? A corporate achievement being celebrated The magic of a personalised bottle is that it is unique and specific to the person, so the moment should be too.

Here are some ideas for personalising the experience:

  • Arrange a party with close family, friends, or colleagues

  • Book a private dining experience

  • Book a booth at a jazz bar or a room at a pub

  • Arrange a whisky-tasting

  • Plan a cocktail crafting workshop

  • Set up a whisky trail tour with an outdoor toast at the end

Top tip: a whisky tasting session is a great way to find out someone’s tastes in whisky to help you decide on which bottle to personalise at a later date.

Rows of whisky bottles on shelves showing different brands

How to Personalise a Whisky Gift Set

In whisky personalisation, there are two main elements to focus on: what you want to personalise and how you want to personalise it. Adding flair with finishing touches also enhances the impact of the gift. This section is your guide to whisky personalisation.

Choosing Your Whisky

The actual content of the gift is the first place to start. There are a few factors to take into consideration whis whisky bottle personalisation. Which bottles are the most collectable? Collectors of personalised whisky bottles may favour more unique brands, sought-after editions, and rare bottles.

The age of a whisky is always an important point of consideration, but this also has an effect on the price, so your whisky bottle budget needs to be balanced against your preferences too. Indeed, personalising a bottle of whisky can impact its value, so take this into account as well if it’s important to the recipient.

Here’s a quick guide to varieties and brands of whisky to help you choose a bottle.

Whisky Types

Whisky Type


Ideal For

Single malt

Made from malted barley at a single distillery. Offers complex, robust flavours. Distinct character based on distillation and ageing processes.

Those who enjoy unique, varied flavour profiles.

Single grain

Made from wheat, corn, or a blend, not necessarily malted. Often used in blends, but also available as standalone offerings. Generally more accessible and less expensive.

Someone looking for a softer, more subtle whisky.

Blended malt

A blend of two or more single malt whiskies from different distilleries. No grain whisky included. Smooth and balanced, combining harmonious flavours​.

Enjoying complex flavours in a balanced manner.

Bourbon whisky

American whisky, primarily made from corn. Aged in charred new oak barrels. Known for robust, sweet flavours with notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak.

Those who prefer sweeter, fuller-bodied spirits.

Whisky Brands




Jack Daniels

Tennessee whisky

Known for its smooth, slightly sweet profile with notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak. Includes varieties like Old No. 7, Gentleman Jack, and Single Barrel​.


Single malt scotch

Produced on the Isle of Skye, it has a sea-salty nose, peaty character, and spicy complexity, typical of single malts that showcase their distillery's character.

Johnny Walker

Blended scotch

Famous for its blended whiskies like Red Label and Black Label, combining malt and grain whiskies for a consistent, smooth, and balanced profile.


Single malt scotch

A single malt known for its delicate and complex flavours, often floral and fruity with hints of spice or nuttiness, showcasing the unique character of its distillery.


Single malt scotch

This Speyside single malt is renowned for its pear and apple fruitiness, subtle oak, and floral notes, reflecting the unique characteristics of its distillery.


Irish whisky

Iconic Irish whisky, known for its triple-distilled smoothness and balanced flavour. Irish whiskies like Jameson typically have a lighter and smoother character, with subtle notes of fruit, spices, and vanilla.

How to Personalise a Whisky Gift

There are so many different ways to personalise a whisky gift if you think creatively. Depending on your budget and your own taste (and those of the recipient), have a think about these ideas:

  • Design and print your own whisky label

  • Have the bottle engraved with a message or picture

  • Tie some colourful ribbons around the neck

  • Attach a gift tag with a message written on it

  • Have the bottle professionally wrapped or boxed

  • Present it in a gift hamper with extra presents

  • Hand it over with a handwritten letter or card

Engraving Bottles

We’ll look a little deeper into whisky bottle engraving. This is one of the most professional, esteemed, and luxurious ways to personalise the gift. Engraving produces a stunning result, and the bottle retains its quality forever as long as it’s looked after, turning your personalised whisky gift into a relic—whether it’s drunk or saved.

Our process for engraving a whisky bottle uses a laser which vaporises the very top layer of the glass to leave an indentation. As the laser works, a machine holds the bottle in a rotating arm, moving it in a way that ensures the image or writing is even and not distorted.

The high-precision laser can be used to produce a wide range of lines and patterns on the glass which is what enables us to recreate images and even photos on bottles. With these possibilities, you’re free to think about what the most personal gesture would be. Here are some ideas:

  • A photo of friends or family together

  • A company logo

  • A line art illustration

  • A personal message

  • A significant date or coordinates

  • A combination of any of the above

Messages are very common engraving requests, so here are our answers to a few questions. We will help you decide on a font style and size and get clarity on any special characters. We’ll also confirm the exact positioning of the engraving around the label and any other security information.

People share whisky with a cheeseboard

Whisky Accessories That Make Perfect Add-Ons

You’ve already pushed the boat out with a thoughtful, unique personalised gift, so why not complete it with some whisky accessories that make the present even better? Presenting a personalised bottle with special whisky glasses or a whisky decanter is the perfect way to celebrate the gift and elevate the entire experience.

What goes with whisky as a gift?

If you want to make your own whisky hamper, the options are limitless. Here’s a good guide for things to include.

Complementary Food

Complementary Drinks


Dark chocolate

Roasted or smoked nuts

Aged cheeses

Smoked or cured meats

Dried fruits

Gourmet crisps

Luxury chutneys or preserves

Chocolate truffles


Artisanal crackers

Aged port

Craft beer

Fresh ground coffee or beans

Ginger ale

Sweet vermouth

Craft carbonated drinks

Herbal teas

Single malt scotch

No and low alcohol spirits

Whisky liqueurs

Whisky glasses

Whisky stones or ice moulds

Luxury leather coasters

A decanter


Candles (choose earthy, woody scents)

Snifter glasses

A hipflask

Books on whisky history and tasting

Top tip: If the person awaiting the gift is a fan of whisky cocktails, take a look at some whisky cocktail recipes and create a hamper with all the ingredients for one of their favourites.

We’re Prestige Drinks, laser engraving artisans. Browse our website to see our extensive range of personalised whisky bottle options. We offer individual bottles or bottles in hampers and can provide next-day delivery if it’s a last-minute gift.

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