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Bollinger Champagne

Bollinger Champagne was founded on 6th February 1829 with a sequence of events which sounds like the start of an old Englishman Irishman joke. A French aristocrat (Athanase de Villermont) inherits lands and vineyards, meets a travelling German (Joseph Bollinger) with a passion to understand Champagne, and teams up with a local man (Paul Renaudin) fascinated with everything wine and ‘voila’ Renaudin-Bollinger & Cie was created. Joseph Bollinger married the daughter of Athanase and the family dynasty of Bollinger Champagne was created.

There have been many characters in the history of Bollinger, but most notably Madame Bollinger who steered the business for over 30 years through the 2nd World War and an ambitious modernisation programme during the 1950’s to future proof the Champagne brand whilst retaining all its traditions and qualities. Madame Bollinger is also attributed with quite possibly the most famous Champagne quote when in an interview she was asked when she drinks Champagne to which she replied

‘ I drink my Champagne when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it when I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it – unless I’m thirsty.

Prestige Drinks are experts in Champagne gifts and personalised champagne. We offer personalised Bollinger champagne bottles with the three customised options.

Text engraving: The full range of Bollinger can all be engraved with personal text messages and the majority of bottles allow the occasion images to be added. Personalised Bollinger is available in 4 different bottles sizes from half bottles, personalised Bollinger magnums and personalised Bollinger jeroboams.

Photo engraving: Unique to Prestige Drinks we can engrave your favourite photos into the glass bottle. We convert your picture into a map of thousands of precise laser cuts of varying shapes, sizes and depths which combine to provide beautiful representation of the images you provide. It was the photo engraved Bollinger that was featured on Phillip Schofield’s how to spend it well at Christmas and was awarded his top gift idea.

Picture Personalised: Again unique to Prestige Drinks but with this we can print your picture directly onto the glass bottle, no stickers or labels. Your picture in full colour replication to what you provide to us. Amazing quality and full detail. Picture printed Bollinger is available on Picture Printed Bollinger Special Cuvee 75cl, Picture Printed Bollinger Rose 75cl, Picture Printed Bollinger La Grande Annee, Picture Printed Bollinger La Grande Annee Rose and Picture Printed Vintage Bollinger RD

Bollinger produce their own gift sets in the Bollinger Special Cuvee gift set and the Bollinger Rose gift set. These set can be accommodate the text engraving, photo engraved bollinger gift set and the picture personalised. Everyone is aware of Bollinger Special Cuvee and the Bollinger Rose but the vintage champagnes Bollinger La Grande Annee, Bollinger La Grande Annee Rose and Bollinger RD are excellent quality.

Your engraved Bollinger gift can be sent next day with our priority service and you can send directly to the recipient by editing the delivery address.


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Bollinger Special Cuvee Half Bottle Champagne 37.5cl


Bollinger Special Cuvee Methuselah Champagne 600cl


Bollinger Special Cuvee Nebuchadnezzar Champagne 1500cl



Showing 61-63 of 63 results

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